Universal Fine Print

Universal Fine Print and Deal FAQ

These are the universal terms & conditions that apply to all BranchBark vouchers (unless specifically stated otherwise in the fine print of the deal):

  1. All vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and/or other goods and services.
  2. All vouchers are generally non-transferable unless stated in the fine print section.
  3. Customer must use voucher in one visit.
  4. One voucher is valid for one redemption only.
  5. One voucher is generally valid for one person only unless stated otherwise.
  6. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion unless stated otherwise.
  7. No replacement or extension will be given for any expired voucher.
  8. Customer is required to present voucher when redeeming offer.
  9. Neither BranchBark nor the retailer is responsible for lost or stolen vouchers or voucher reference numbers.
  10. No cash back or credit will be issued for partial redemption of the promotional portion of a voucher.
  11. Duplicate use, sale or trade of a voucher is prohibited.
  12. Unless otherwise stated at the time a voucher is purchased, voucher price does not include service charges, value added or taxes, which may be charged to the customer separately by the retailer at the time the voucher is redeemed.

FAQ about BranchBark Discounts

We receive hundreds of questions related to the deals listed on BranchBark. Unless stated otherwise in “The Fine Print” section of the deal, these answers apply to all deals on BranchBark.

Purchasing BranchBark Vouchers

Q: Is BranchBark a secure website?

A: Yes. Your credit card details are transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault with heightened encryption. We do not store your credit card number on our servers or anywhere else. BranchBark ensures that our customers are protected at all times.

Q: What happens after I purchase a deal on BranchBark?

A: Immediately after your purchase, you will receive an email confirming that your transaction has been completed and approved. When the deal reaches the minimum number of buyers (if applicable), you will receive another email indicating that the deal is on and that you will be able to redeem your purchase.

Q: When can I use my voucher after purchase?

A: Vouchers will be available for redemption within 24 to 48 hours after the discount ends. We will email you to notify you when that happens, too!

Q: Why does it take 24-48 hours for me to get my voucher after the discount ends?

A: After the discount ends, we will need to make the necessary arrangements with the merchant to prepare them in welcoming you. We will do whatever it takes to speed up on releasing your voucher(s) so that you can start enjoying your purpose quickly! BranchBark strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Q: What if I purchase a deal as a gift for a friend or family member?

A: When you buy a voucher as a gift, as soon as the deal reaches the minimum number of buyers, you will be able to see it within your dashboard. Gifts will be marked as gifts, and you will be able to either email the voucher to your friend or print it out & put it in a pretty envelope!

Q: What happens if the discount does not reach its minimum number of buyers?

A: If the deal does not reach the minimum number of buyer after time runs out, you will be refunded the full amount you paid within 14 working days.

Using BranchBark Vouchers

Q: I have received my BranchBark voucher! How do I take advantage of it?

A: Easy. You print it out, bring it to the retail outlet and redeem it.

Q: Do I have to use my BranchBark voucher immediately after purchase?

A: Nope. All BranchBark vouchers will have an expiration date with plenty of time for redemption. Some deals may have open expiration dates meaning that they do not expire.  Please refer to the individual vouchers for the expiry date and terms & conditions.

Q: What if I photocopy my BranchBark voucher and circulate it?

A: Each BranchBark voucher comes with only one unique serial number. Once that number is redeemed, it is not valid anymore.

Q: The BranchBark voucher carries my name. Are my BranchBark vouchers transferrable?

A: No. BranchBark vouchers are generally not transferrable. Merchants have the right to check and disallow the redemption of the voucher if the voucher is redeemed by a different person.

Q: The fine print says “Limit to 1 per person” but also says “May buy multiples as gifts.” Does that mean I can buy a few and redeem for myself?

A: No. If the fine print says this, you can only redeem one. If you buy more than one then you have to give them away as gifts to other people.