About BranchBark




BranchBark was developed and launched as of September 14th, 2011.  Our offices are situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we are growing each and every single day.  We provide discounted products and services through our affiliated and sponsored roster of participating merchants, vendors, and other businesses.

 BranchBark’s Mission

BranchBark will achieve success through complete satisfaction for our customers who are interested in saving money on daily purchases of various products and services. To match that expectation, BranchBark sources only the best businesses to support the needs of our customers.  BranchBark is committed to providing superior assistance to the businesses who participate in our weekly deals program to ensure a win-win situation for everyone involved.

BranchBark’s Vision

BranchBark will be the number one provider through online business consultative support in business development, market penetration, and market domination.  BranchBark is committed to providing your company/ business with only happy and satisfied customers who are interested in trying new and unique products and services.

Our Customers

BranchBark offers the best deals to your area to save you the customer money on your purchases.  We promote our customers to try out new and exciting services and products from merchants and vendors that we qualify into our program.  BranchBark strives to deliver quality to all of our customers for complete customer satisfaction on all of your purchasing needs.  BranchBark offers deals and discounted promotional prices on services including: babysitting, house cleaning, maid services, automotive servicing, automotive detailing, automotive cleaning, personal training, dental, medical, lifestyle, health, wellness, yoga, massage, chiropractic, photography, and web design to name a few.

 Our Merchants

BranchBark offers consultative support to all of our merchants who sign up to be listed with BranchBark and we offer inclusion into our business directory which is optimized for over 100 major search engines and displayed through over 30 affiliated aggregate websites.  This will enable BranchBark to promote your business to a very large international audience to attract new customers.  We provide local business development services to penetrate market choices specific to the needs of your business should your business require a targeted customer base or geographical location.


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